Black Mesa Casino BEO

Policies & Procedures

The following terms are made a part of the agreement between the Group mentioned inn the agreement (hereinafter “Group or Client”) and Black Mesa Casino (hereinafter “Black Mesa Casino). 


Deposit – Function Space

An advance deposit and signed sales agreement are required to guarantee function space reservation. The amount required is based on the date and/or size of your event. Function space reservations are not guaranteed without the deposit. Your deposit is applied as a credit toward the final cost of the function. Details of your deposit schedule are established by Black Mesa Casino.

Payments & Payment Terms

Black Mesa Casino accepts payments by: business and organizational cashier’s checks & Money Orders, Cash, Visa, Mastercard & Discover.

All applicable charges will be transferred to the Master Bill. Full payment of the Master Bill is to be paid one week prior to event taking place, unless a pre-approved Direct Bill Account is set up. Individuals are responsible for their own incidentals unless specified in the Rental Agreement.

Direct Bill

Payment must be made in advance of the function unless a Direct Billing Account (credit) has been established. Once credit has been established, a predetermined deposit will be required at the time of signing the contract, and additional amount(s) may be required prior to the event. The balance of the account is due and payable 30 days after the date of the function.

Price Quotations

Written price quotations are subject to change based on food cost fluctuations or increased cost of operation. All menu pricing, except market price items, will be guaranteed 60 days prior to your event.


Catering/Function Space: A full or partial advance deposit refund for function space may be returned depending on when the booking is cancelled in relation to the number of days before the event.

NOTE: Written (mail/email) cancellation notice is required.

Any deposits which qualify according to the refund schedule shall be refunded to the party within 30 days.


The client hereby agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless, Black Mesa Casino from any loss, liability, costs or damage arising from actual or threatened claims or causes of action resulting from the misconduct of the Client, or its respective officers, directors, employees, agents, contractors, members or participants (as applicable), provided that, with respect to officers, directors, employees, and agents, such individuals are acting within the scope of their employment or agency, as applicable.

Force Majeure

The performance of this agreement by Black Mesa Casino is subject to the acts of God, war, government disorder, and curtailment of transportation facilities or other emergencies, including epidemics, pandemics and /or outbreaks of a serious or life threatening nature (including but not limited to influenza, H1N1, Swine Flu, SARS, or any other disease causing more than 20 percent of conference attendees to not attend) or an increase in the health alert level by the World Health Organization, making it unadvisable, illegal or impossible to provide the facilities or to hold the meeting. Should a travel advisory be issued at any time during the period of 14 days before the event through the time of the event, performance by Black Mesa Casino may be forgiven without liability. It is provided that this agreement may be terminated for any one or more of such reasons by written notice from Black Mesa Casino to the Client.

Liability Insurance Requirements

Black Mesa Casino requires that tradeshow/exhibitor events, overnight events, events with contracted decorator or production company (“Client”), to obtain and provide evidence of General Liability Insurance Policy for $2,000,000 (“Policy”). CLIENT must procure and maintain the Policy with an AM Best Rating of A- VII or better and name Black Mesa Casino as an insured party. The Policy must also contain provisions providing that the Policy is primary insurance between the Parties to this agreement, with any other insurance maintained by Black Mesa Casino being in excess of, and noncontributing with, the Policy that Client maintains. Client shall provide a certificate of insurance 60 days prior to the event and provide Black Mesa Casino with not less than 30 days prior notice of any cancellation, or material change, to the Policy.

The Client shall submit to Black Mesa Casino a proof of the Exhibitors contract before it is sent to the Exhibitors. Exhibitors Contracts must include the following provision:

{Exhibitor} shall obtain and keep in force during the term of the installation and use of the exhibit premises, a General Liability insurance policy, insuring and specifically referring to the contractual liability obligations set forth in this Exhibit, in an amount of not less than $2,000,000 per occurrence for personal injury and property damage (“Exhibitor’s Policy”). Exhibitor must procure and maintain the Exhibitor’s Policy with an AM Best Rating of A- VII or better and name Black Mesa Casino as a primary insurance party. The exhibitor’s Policy must also contain provisions providing that the Exhibitors Policy is primary insurance between the Exhibitor and Black Mesa Casino, with any other insurance maintained by Black Mesa Casino being in excess of, and noncontributing with, the Exhibitors Policy that Exhibitor maintains. Exhibitor shall provide a certificate of insurance 60 days prior to event, and provide Black Mesa Casino with not less than 30 days prior notice of any cancellation, or material change, to the Policy in addition, Exhibitor acknowledges neither Black Mesa Casino, its owners nor its operator maintain insurance covering exhibitor’s property, and it is the sole responsibility of Exhibitor  to obtain business interruption and property damage insurance insuring and losses by exhibitor.



Neither party is authorized to use any trademark, trade name, nor service mark owned or registered by the other party, its parent, subsidiaries or affiliates. Neither party may, without prior written approval of the other party, copy, reproduce, distribute or use any trade name, trademark, copyrighted material, or service mark of the other party, its parent, subsidiaries, or affiliates. Approval from Black Mesa Casino’s Marketing Department must be obtained for the use of the Black Mesa Casino name, logo and/or likeness in any advertising or promotional material for your event.

Proper use of the Black Mesa Casino name, in text, should be “Black Mesa Showroom” or “Black Mesa Casino”. Your request must be submitted to the Marketing Department prior to final print and/or distribution of any advertising/marketing materials. Please allow one business week for approval(s). Logos are available upon request from the Marketing Department.


Advertising Materials

Displays and signs including flyers, advertising materials or free samples are permitted only on the meeting space floor or pre-function area. Prior approval, from the Marketing Department, must be obtained prior to the event to display any information outside these areas or the exterior of the facility.

Printed Materials

Black Mesa Casino requests the Marketing & Events Coordinator be placed on your mailing list to receive all materials concerning Black Mesa Casino. This allows us to share, with our staff, all printed or digital materials in the possession of your prospective attendees.

The Black Mesa Casino Food & Beverage Department requires a tentative schedule of function room requirements be received to the Marketing Department at least 90 days in advance of the event or meeting. Any additional requests for function rooms will be on a space available basis only. A firm and detailed schedule must be furnished to the Marketing Department no later than 30 days before the program.



Exclusive Services

Black Mesa Casino shall be the exclusive provider of the following services:

  • Food and Beverage
    • Authorized to bring in outside food and/or beverage must be approved by Black Mesa Casino.
  • Telecommunications/Data Service, which includes all communications, voice, data and internet.
  • Security for inside or outside events.
  • Cleaning

Booking Procedures

To ensure the accurate communication of information necessary in making the group function as successful as possible, Black Mesa Casino prefers to work with one person in the planning of the group event. The groups meal selections, estimated number of guests, room setup, equipment needs, and all other details are due upon execution of the contract.

Banquet Event Order (BEO)

The Banquet Event Order (BEO) is the governing document for all good and services required by the client.

Access and Right to Enter

Black Mesa Casino reserves the right for our badged employees to access your function space for reasons including, but not limiting, housekeeping, facility tours, maintenance and security. Additionally, officers and authorized employees of governmental agencies may enter the function space at reasonable times, when necessary, in the performance of their official duties.



Both parties shall be responsible for compliance with the public accommodation requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act as defined by law. Black Mesa Casino shall provide, to the extent required by the Act, such auxiliary aids and /or services as may be reasonably requested by the group, provided the group gives reasonable, advanced written notice to Black Mesa Casino of such needs.

Meeting Space Guidelines

  • Specific room assignments may be reassigned as needed, enough space will be made available to accommodate meeting/function/exhibit requirements. Black Mesa Casino reserves the right to maximize space usage for all function space. Upon doing so, Black Mesa Casino will notify group via phone, email and/or written correspondence.
  • Fastening or affixing objects to ceilings, painted surfaces, podiums, columns, movable walls, or decorative walls will be allowed upon prior consent and approved by the Marketing Department.
  • No removal or relocation of plants or furniture from the hallways or meeting rooms unless approved through the Marketing Department.
  • Black Mesa Casino reserves the right to charge a rental fee for meeting, function, or exhibit space utilized by suppliers, allied or affiliated groups who are conducting meetings or holding events in conjunction with your group.
  • Meeting rooms may only be used for purposes directly related to the event. Meeting rooms may not sublet to others without prior consent from Black Mesa Casino’s Marketing Department.
  • Removal of all personal items and decorations at the conclusion of your event is the client’s responsibility. Any décor items left behind will be assumed to be trash and will be dealt with accordingly. Equipment or other personal items of value will be brought to Security Lost & Found. Refer to Cleaning Services section for additional information/guidelines.

Audio/Visual Production Services

The rental of audio/visual equipment and services are available. Technical and engineering services are available with prior notice through the Marketing Department.

Black Mesa Casino’s Marketing Department allows groups to provide their own audio/visual equipment with the authorization from Black Mesa Casino’s Marketing Department.

Black Mesa Casino permit groups to utilize the services of a production company of their choice. Access times will need to fall within the contracted times. If additional set-up time is needed by your AV Provider, arrangements for a move-in day will need to be made with the Casinos Marketing Department. It is important to notify the Marketing Department as soon as possible when using third-party AV so that ingress/egress and electrical needs can be addressed.

Unless included as part of your contract, storage for third-party AV is not provided and must take place within your contracted space. Patch fees may also apply depending on your AV needs.

Advanced notice is required for electrical set-up. Contact the Marketing Department for more information.

Displays, Signs and Decorations

  • Any décor that causes damage to the property is prohibited. The Group agrees to be responsible for any damage to the meeting space during the time the premises are under the group’s control. This includes any excessive cleanup made necessary by group, and/or decorators outside agencies during set-up or teardown.
  • Open flames are NOT allowed.
  • All special decorations or signs left in the function areas at the conclusion of your event will be considered trash. All special decorations or signs that you want to save must be removed at the conclusion of your event.
  • The use of glitter or confetti is prohibited. An additional charge for cleanup applies if policy is not upheld.
  • Under no circumstances are helium balloons or adhesive decals to be given away in function areas. Any costs incurred by Black Mesa Casino due to the use or removal of theses items will be charged back to the Group.
  • Live Christmas trees are not permitted unless approved by Black Mesa Casino.
  • Banners or signage may not be attached to the exterior of the Casino/Showroom or interior without prior authorization of the Casino’s Marketing Department.
  • Black Mesa Casino’s exterior Marquee digital display and casino interior signage are operated by the Marketing Department determines the message contents to be displayed and dates message(s) appear. All Marketing/Advertising requests must be submitted to the Marketing Department for approval by the Department. The Marketing Department will have final approval of all Marquee content.

Wall/Ceiling/Floor/Carpet Protection

  • All permanent facility carpet and floors must be protected from damage caused by crates, dollies, hand trucks, equipment, food preparation, water, liquids, powder, etc.…, during the Group event, including move-in and move-out.
  • Walls and ceilings must be protected from damage caused by powder, liquids or vapors, this includes splattering to full saturation during your event, move-in and move-out times.

Tape/Adhesive-Backed Material

  • Tape and adhesive-backed materials are not permitted on the Showrooms carpeted surfaces, unless provided or applied by the Casinos Staff.
  • Use of tape on any wall surface, glass or equipment is prohibited.
  • The Group and the Group’s service contractor(s) are responsible for the removal of all tape and tape residue from any surface area, including but not limited to the pre-function area, wall surfaces, glass and service equipment of the function areas. If you fail to remove tape and tape residue, you shall reimburse Black Mesa Casino for costs incurred to remove such tape or residue.


Black or White table linens are provided for meeting, classroom, banquet or family style set-ups when such tables are used for seating. Consult the Marketing Department. Linens are available at $12.00 each and napkins at $0.95 each with 14 days’ notice and subject to availability. Damaged linen is subject to a $25.00 charge.

Animals or Pets

Animals or pets are prohibited in the Showroom or other meeting space EXCEPT for service animals, and except for animals used as part of a Black Mesa Casinos approved exhibit or activity.

Approved animals must be on a leash, within a pen or under similar control. The Group assumes full responsibility for any approved animal in the meeting space and the group will indemnify and hold harmless Black Mesa Casino, their agents, employees, servants and officials from any and all claims, losses, damages or expenses, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, arising out of or resulting from an approved animal.


Black Mesa Casino is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items. Additional security can be arranged for crowd control, alcohol monitors during event hours, with the approval of the proper Departments involved.

Lost & Found

Black Mesa Casino assumes no responsibility for any losses suffered by you, your exhibitors, or general attendees due to theft or loss of equipment and articles or other personal property. Should you, your exhibitors, or any of your attendees misplace any items, you may contact the Security Podium at 505-867-6700 ext. 221. All lost and found articles are catalogued and stored for 30 days. After that period, all articles are disposed of at the sole discretion of Black Mesa Casino.

Fire Regulations

Security personnel will provide a walk through once the exhibits, displays, etc. are setup to check fire and safety regulations.

Exhibitors, service contractors and all event promoters must comply with all federal, tribal, state and local fire codes that apply to places of public assembly.

Smoke-Free Environment

Smoking and vaping (e-cig) are prohibited in the Black Mesa Casino Showroom: this includes the back of house areas.


Parking for events is permitted in any area not roped off for Valet. There is a 15-minute loading/unloading zone permitted at the Showroom sidewalk or roll-up door.

Registration Space

Registration space will be made available to the client at no additional cost on an “as available” basis and in consideration of any other client rental. Up to two (2) tables are complimentary with registration.


Cleaning Services

Black Mesa Casino will provide janitorial service during normal operating hours in open spaces and restrooms, plus one thorough cleaning of theses same areas during the hours when the event space is closed. Specific times are to be coordinated with the Marketing Department. Events such as food shows, which require continual janitorial service throughout the venue or cleaning exhibit booth areas should make special arrangements with the Proper Departments for additional personnel.

Dangerous Weapons

A “dangerous weapon” is any object or device designed or intended to be used to inflict serious injury upon persons or property. No person shall possess dangerous weapons within the Gaming Facility without prior approval of Black Mesa Casino.

Weapons used for decoration, purchase, or fundraising purposes must be unloaded and separate from ammunition. Black Mesa Casino security must examine weapons displayed prior to event start.

Mechanical Lift Equipment

Use of scissor lifts, forklifts and pallet jacks are coordinated by the Marketing Department and only operated by Black Mesa Casino staff or subcontractors. Please contact the Marketing Department for equipment needs for further details.

Shipping Procedures & Fees

Black Mesa Casino will accept most packages and freight up to seven (7) days prior to arrival. A $25 per day fee applies for packages/freight delivered when storage exceeds seven (7) days.

Clearly label address to ensure expedited delivery as follows:

Black Mesa Casino

25 Hagan Rd

San Felipe Pueblo, NM 87001

Hold for: Guests Name/Company Name

Event Name:

Arrival Date:

Box: # of #

The Marketing Department/Purchasing Agent must be notified prior to shipment of any materials.