Beautiful Sunset ski in Albuquerque with Hot Hair Balloons - see it yourself and use an RV Park Near Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta

For the last four decades, both adults and children have been enchanted by the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta. People from across the globe come to watch hundreds of balloons taking flight into the sky during the event. You will know you are close when you smell roasting chilis in the air and hear the chatter of the excited crowd. Those who are staying in the RV parks near the fiesta have the advantage. They can become part of the excitement in just a few minutes by walking outside. 

The RV Park at Black Mesa casino is right by I-25, making it easy to get to the Balloon Fiesta every day. And the close access to I-25 is convenient for visiting the Albuquerque Aquarium, historic Old Town, amazing entertainment, year-round golfing, fantastic shopping, ski resorts and a nice selection of delicious restaurants. This is the best in New Mexico. You can stay for a day, a week, a month or decide you never want to leave. 

The RV Parks near Albuquerque balloon fiesta are the ideal place to watch the hot air balloons as they begin their journey. You will also be there to see the graceful landings. There are so many benefits to staying in an RV Park. There is a gated entry for your safety, fun activities, a clubhouse, oversized lots and lush areas of green lawn to take your furry little friend for a walk. The additional advantages include: 

  • 44 spaces
  • Low $20 per night fee
  • 1-50 Amp, 208 volt / 1-30 Amp, 120 volt / 1-20 Amp, 120 volt, GCFI outlet
  • Centralized water and waste station available on the property
  • Earn a free night’s stay at the Black Mesa RV Park when you earn 1,000 base points in a 24-hour period at the main Black Mesa Casino
  • 24-hour convenience store and service station
  • The Pueblo Restaurant, located inside Black Mesa’s Travel Center, features a menu full of award-winning New Mexican food

If you are visiting the Southwest in your RV, you do not want to miss the Albuquerque balloon fiesta. Some of the shapes of the balloons are amazing. The most famous balloons include twin bees, a wagon coach, soda pop cans, a milk cow and a wide variety of animals. The balloons are launched in two separate waves. The launch directors are referred to as zebras because their outfits are black and white striped. They make sure the launch is coordinated and safe. 

A lot of the balloons use propane burners so you can watch them at night. Some of the balloons are competing in the Fiesta Challenge Race. The winner of the event is the balloon traveling the greatest distance. Some of the balloons have made it to the East Coast of the United States and Canada. There are even balloons launched from every nation. You can hear their national anthem and see the flag of their nation waving. There are competitions for speed, skill, and piloting. 

Some of the balloons even land in the local neighborhoods. The best part is you can see everything from the comfort of your RV park. This is a great opportunity for families, couples, friends, and singles. This amazing event only happens once a year so head towards the RV Parks near Albuquerque balloon fiesta.

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