Slot Attendant is responsible for customer relations, verifying jackpots, making hopper fills, and filling out paper work pertaining to them. Performing minor repairs to slot machines, handling customer relations, and minor customer disputes. .

TYPICAL functions:

  • Service San Felipe customers by making Jackpot payouts, responding to customer requests and inquiries to include assistance with the operation and understanding of the playing method, and informing customers of upcoming promotional events.
  • Monitor customers for gaming machine abuse, sabotage, and cheating.
  • Monitor gaming machine performance making minor repairs as needed and communicating repair needs to Slot Technicians when unable to repair machine.
  • Conduct hopper fills and Jackpot payouts completing all related paperwork with necessary information; includes notification of key personnel.
  • Assist in maintaining a clean and safe gaming environment by dumping ashtrays, disposing trash, and cleaning machines as needed.
  • May conduct on-the-job training for new Slot Attendants.

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