Everyone that has ever played on a slot machine has wondered whether or not there are secrets to winning. We are going to be looking at some of the different ways that you could find an advantage on a slot machine. There are a lot of important design attributes that can greatly affect your chances of winning.

Tips and Tricks for Playing on Slot Machines

Every slot game has slightly different volatility and that can greatly impact your wins. Slots are designed to pay a certain percentage back to players in winnings, while still retaining some funds to cover the ‘house edge’. That brings us to our first secret about slots.

Secret #1 – Don’t Play on Slots that have Recently Won Big

Many active gamblers that play the slots in vegas believe that it is a bad idea to wager on a slot that has previously won large amounts. Slots that pay out a large sum of cash are somewhat less likely to do it again any time soon. Some players look for slot games that are not winning, mainly because they believe that after a certain amount of cash is lost, that slot will eventually have to start paying out some bigger wins to counteract the losses.

Secret #2 – Free Spin Promotional Offers

Many casinos have promotional offers that present visitors with free spins on qualifying slots. This is a secret that many people are unaware of and it can be a great way to win a small amount of money to play with. Free spin promotions are rare, but if you can find a casino that offers it, you should try to claim it.

Secret #3 – Look for Slots with Generous RTP

RTP stands for the ‘Return To Player’ and it refers to the house-edge for any particular slot game. Most slots will have an RTP at around 95 percent. This means that the casino edge is 5 percent and that the slot will eventually pay back 95 percent of all funds that are deposited.

Slots with a higher RTP typically have a better potential to pay out winnings. If you can find a slot game with an RTP that is greater than 95 percent, you might want to try your luck and see if you can win any money.

These three secrets aren’t the most exciting facts and they might not help you win money on slot games. The most important thing is that they can help you to understand how slots work and some of the internal design elements that can affect monetary wins.

There are never any guarantees of winning on a slot, but it might help you to feel more comfortable when playing slots, especially after learning about these minor secrets.