The Count Team Supervisor is responsible for supervising the counting of all currency in electronic gaming devices and of the Count Team Assistant Supervisor and all Count Team Members. Directly oversees the collection, movement and counting of currency from slot machines in compliance with all applicable regulations and departmental procedures. Responsible for staff scheduling for the entire soft count team as well as performance evaluations and disciplinary actions of staff. The Count Team Supervisor is also responsible for maintaining proper recordings of the count, documenting any incidents, providing training to subordinates and monitoring the daily operations of the soft count room.

TYPICAL Functions:

  • Supervise Count Team Asst. Supervisor and Count Team Members by delegating workloads and associated paperwork of all soft count operations while adhering to all applicable compliance standards.
  • Supervise accurate running and counting of currency using GFR discriminator counter and transfer of money to cage.
  • Maintain schedule for Count Team Asst. Supervisor and Count Team Members.
  • Conduct Performance Appraisals for Count Team Asst. Supervisor and Count Team Members.
  • Conduct disciplinary actions including verbal/written warnings when necessary.
  • Maintain all records of currency using Count Team Summary Sheets and transport them daily to Audit.
  • Provide training to newcomers regarding all applicable compliance rules and regulations.
  • Integrate compliance regulations into Count Team Member policies and procedures.
  • Hold subordinates accountable to attend and satisfactorily complete all required training as directed by supervisor or the Human Resources Department.
  • Maintain professional hygiene and appearance.
  • Mentor and coach subordinates to assist in developing goals and skill sets.
  • Attend and satisfactorily complete required training as directed by the General Manager.
  • Other duties as assigned.


  • Integrity / Honesty

All casino employees must operate in an ethical manner by following all San Felipe Enterprises policies and procedures relating to cash transactions, handling, tracking, and proper behavior between staff and customers. Incumbent must conduct oneself above the appearance of doing something wrong.

  • Customer Service

Develop a clear understanding of customers’ needs and goals while maintaining clear communication with customer regarding meeting their expectations. Must follow though and respond to customers’ requests and inform them of action taken in a courteous, professional manner.

  • Teamwork

Work effectively with division members and members of other divisions to resolve common issues or problems as well as listening and seeking others’ perspective on how to complete assignments. Keeps others informed and up to date about tasks, progress, or projects.

  • Team Leadership

Incumbents in this job must effectively manage and guide group efforts by providing an appropriate level of feedback to both individuals and groups regarding their performance and progress.

  • Teaching Other

Incumbents in this position must be able to take responsibility for the development of individuals and groups through appropriate teaching, guidance, and coaching techniques.

  • Arithmetic & Mathematical Reasoning

Incumbents in this job use and apply mathematical techniques, processes, and concepts to understand and solve problems.  Apply understanding of mathematics, either explicitly or implicitly, to perform basic computations, apply mathematical processes or utilize tools, analyze problems, identify, or specify patterns, and draw conclusions.


  • Must be 21 years of age or above.
  • High school diploma, or equivalent, AND 1 year experience in money handling in a casino related environment. Supervisory experience preferred.
  • Must possess Class III Gaming License.
  • Must be able to work under intense scrutiny.
  • 10-key proficiency desired.

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