The Finance Director administers the operation and administration of all financial aspects of San Felipe Pueblo Enterprises in accordance with management’s directives, policies, and procedures.  Develops and implements goals and objectives for the department. Ensures that all financial processes are efficient, accurate, and compliant with all applicable standards, regulations, and laws. Responsible for overall supervision of all Finance Department personnel to include accounting, auditing, cage and purchasing divisions. Reviews, creates, or reconciles all financial reports according to policies and procedures; to include investigating, reporting, and correcting anomalies.

TYPICAL functions:

  • Ensure proper operation and administration of San Felipe Pueblo Enterprises finance operations.
  • Direct the adequate availability, training, development, and performance management of subordinate personnel.
  • Plan, organize, develop, and coordinate all financial policies, procedures, and operating systems.
  • Establish fiscal and accounting policies and procedures.
  • Control expenditures and maintain a current record of approved budget.
  • Prepare special financial statements and reports including income statements, balance sheets, reports to Board Members, and Management, tax returns and reports for regulatory agencies.
  • Approve purchase requisitions and other types of payments.
  • Oversees accounting, cage and gift shop departments, budget preparation, and audit and analysis functions.
  • Reviews reports to analyze projections of revenue and profit against actual figures, budgeted expenses against final totals, suggests methods of improving the overall processes as needed.
  • Direct and coordinate scheduling and preparation for audits.
  • Analyze Enterprise operations to pinpoint opportunities and areas that need to be reorganized, downsized or eliminated.
  • Studies long-range economic trends and projects Enterprise prospects for future growth in overall revenue and market share, opportunities for acquisitions and expansion. Estimates requirements for capital, land, buildings, and increase in the work force.
  • Works with banks and/or investment bankers to raise additional capital as required for expansion.
  • Review and report on matters with significant financial impact to San Felipe Pueblo Enterprises.
  • Respond to General Manager and Enterprise Board Members requests for statistical and financial information.
  • Responsible for general ledger and supporting journals and registers.
  • Establish and maintain a system of internal controls to safeguard assets and generate reliable financial information.
  • Hold subordinates accountable to attend and satisfactorily complete all required training as directed by supervisor or the Human Resources Department.
  • Maintain professional hygiene and appearance.
  • Mentor and coach subordinates to assist in developing goals and skill sets.
  • Attend and satisfactorily complete required training as directed by the General Manager.
  • Other duties as assigned.


  • Integrity / Honesty

All San Felipe Pueblo Enterprise employees must operate in an ethical manner by following all San Felipe Pueblo Enterprises policies and procedures relating to cash transactions, handling, tracking, and proper behavior between staff and customers. Incumbent must conduct oneself above the appearance of doing something wrong.

  • Customer Service / Client Orientation

All San Felipe Pueblo Enterprise employees must be able to develop a clear understanding of customers’ needs and goals while maintaining clear communication with customer regarding meeting their expectations. Must follow through and respond to customers’ requests and inform them of action taken in a courteous, professional manner.

  • Teamwork

All San Felipe Pueblo Enterprise employees must be competent in working effectively with division members and members of other divisions to resolve common issues or problems as well as listening and seeking others’ perspective on how to complete assignments. Keeps others informed and up-to-date about tasks, progress, or projects.

  • Goal and Task Management

Incumbents in this job need to be able to plan, prioritize, set goals, establish standards, coordinate tasks, show concern for deadlines, and track progress with respect to personal performance.

  • Manage Resources

Incumbent in this position must appropriately allocate a variety of resources that may include, materials, money, facilities, and equipment.  Requires the ability to assess needs and track progress.

  • Decisiveness

Incumbent in this position must be able to successfully determine and initiate a course of action.  Requires the consideration of multiple options, information sources, and development of contingency plans.

  • Vision

Incumbent in this position must have the ability to gain an understanding of how an organization must change considering internal and external trends and influences and the ability to act upon and energize others towards enacting the vision.


  • Must be 21 years of age or above.
  • Must possess and maintain a valid, unrestricted New Mexico Driver’s License.
  • Possess sensitivity to Native American Indian/Tribal Culture.
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, Finance, Business Administration or a related degree AND 8 years Accounting or Finance experience in a Casino/Gaming industry of which 5 years must be in executive management with increasing responsibilities for multi-faceted direction and planning. CPA designation required
  • Extended working hours, including weekends, maybe required.
  • Must possess Class III Gaming License.

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